18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Decatur GA 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer Decatur GA

18 Wheeler accident lawyers in Decatur GA are here to help provide you with the legal guidance necessary to pursue your case. When you get on the road, you know there are certain things you must do once you are behind the wheel. You check your seatbelt, make sure you have enough gas, and look at the road signs and warnings as you go from point A to point B. Most people can usually count on themselves and others on the road to drive carefully and obey traffic laws so they do not get into an accident, though many people will find themselves in a car accident of some kind at some point in their lives. However, accidents that have been the result of an 18 wheeler may require the assistance of a Decatur GA lawyer. The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch Attorney at Law understands that truck accidents are not as common and could leave you with such severe injuries that change your life forever. When this is the case, you want to ensure you have a Decatur, Georgia 18 wheeler accident lawyer on your side who will work with you to obtain the compensation you deserve. 

How do truck accidents happen?

There are many reasons a truck accident can occur, for example: 

  • Driving Distracted. Similar to someone driving a car, it is not uncommon for truck drivers to drive distracted. Perhaps they needed to find an alternate route and pulled out their phone or GPS to look up new directions. Other reasons for distracted driving include responding to a text message, speaking on the phone, talking with a passenger, or listening to music or a podcast. Whatever the reason, distracted driving among truck drivers is common and it is dangerous which may result in you contacting a Decatur GA 18 wheeler accident lawyer for help.
  • Driving While Fatigued. Driving a truck is a very high-pressure job. The truck driver is expected to get their deliveries to a certain location on time or early and when this is the case, they may choose to forgo a necessary nap or get good quality sleep. Sleep is extremely important when it comes to driving. When the truck driver did not get the necessary rest, they may begin to display signs of driving that one sees in a drunk driver. Our Decatur Truck Accident Lawyer knows that there are certain rules and regulations in place that truck drivers must follow when it comes to how many hours they can drive in a shift. 
  • Driving Under the Influence. Another common cause of trucking accidents is the use of drugs or alcohol on the job. Especially with demanding hours, many truck drivers use illegal substances so they can stay awake longer and get more work done. This is common and can lead to extremely dangerous driving conditions for themselves and others on the road. 

Get the Compensation You Are Owed

Our Decatur GA 18 wheeler accident lawyer wants you to know that when a truck driver has caused an accident because they were driving negligently or recklessly, you should be compensated for any injuries they caused you. The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch Attorney at Law believes that there is no excuse for accidents like this to happen and will be happy to represent you for your truck accident lawsuit. For more information on how our Decatur GA 18 wheeler accident lawyer can help you, contact The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch Attorney at Law now.