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apartment accident lawyer Dekalb County GAAndrew R. Lynch, P.C. is a successful apartment accident lawyer Dekalb County GA injury victims turn to when they need justice. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in your apartment or apartment complex and it was not your fault, we want to hear from you. A Dekalb County apartment accident lawyer from our firm may be able to recover the damages you have suffered as a result of your tragedy. If the apartment management company or owner refuse to help you, contact us for a free consultation. We may be able to legally force the at-fault party to compensate you for your losses.

Common Types of Apartment Accidents Eligible for Compensation

Every apartment accident is unique because of the circumstances involved. When you work with an apartment accident lawyer in Dekalb County GA from our firm, every aspect of your case will be considered. Your legal options will be more clear after meeting with Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. who can review your situation. Here are some common scenarios of apartment accidents and how the victims might be compensated for their losses:

  • Fire. An apartment fire can start any number of ways: oil ignites on the stove, an unattended cigarette that falls onto a flammable surface, the list is long. However, the apartment management company or owner is legally responsible for ensuring that safety equipment is installed and working in the event of an emergency. If they have knowingly failed to have this equipment in workable condition, such as fire and smoke alarms, emergency hallway and stairwell lighting, emergency exit signage, etc. and a fire occurs, they can be held liable for any injuries or deaths that result. An apartment accident lawyer Dekalb County GA renters hire can file a personal injury claim or wrongful death suit on your behalf.
  • Slip and fall accident. Apartment building owners and managers have an obligation to make sure the residents are safe. This includes making sure that ice that forms in the parking lot and on walkways is salted, cleared, or otherwise managed to prevent a slip and fall accident. Likewise, stairs, flooring, and pool surfaces must be safely maintained and repaired within a reasonable period of time. Signs warning of hazards must be put into place when a hazard cannot immediately be addressed. Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. is an apartment accident lawyer Dekalb County GA locals can trust to ascertain who is responsible for paying your accident-related damages. He can file a claim on your behalf, and if necessary, represent you in court during a lawsuit.
  • Mold. Extensive mold, particularly in living areas, can be a serious health threat and has been linked to many types of illnesses. Treatment for mold-related illness can be frustratingly long and expensive. If your apartment has extensive mold which is often concealed behind walls and beneath floor coverings, and your apartment owner is aware, they are obligated to perform mold remediation immediately. If you believe anyone in your home is suffering from mold related illnesses, contact us immediately to confer with an apartment accident lawyer Dekalb County GA community members rely on for sound legal advice.

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