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If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, consider contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer in Dekalb County, GA.  Attorney Andrew Lynch has been helping Georgia residents to pursue monetary damages when they have been injured and damaged while riding their motorcycles for over a decade.

Attorney Andrew R. Lynch is a Georgia “Super Lawyers Rising Star”.  This award has been awarded to Andrew every year since 2015.

Simply put if you are a biker then you know how much worse a wreck on a motorcycle is than on a typical vehicle.  No matter your experience and safety training, your injuries are just going to be worse.  Simply put you are entitled to monetary compensation under Georgia law.  It does not matter that you were riding your bike.

Attorney Andrew R. Lynch is available to discuss your case and explain what legal options you may have.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Attorney Andrew Lynch is a motorcycle accident lawyer in Dekalb County GA. There are more than eight million motorcycles that take to the roads all across the country each year. Tragically, almost five thousand people are killed each year in motorcycle accidents, and another 90,000 are seriously injured. In Georgia alone the deaths of bikers each year usually exceeds one hundred. A Dekalb County motorcycle accident lawyer understands that these crashes are often caused by the negligence of other drivers.  Simply put the other drivers are usually in a rush and failed to look twice and see the motorcycle.

Georgia Department of Transportation statistics reveal that the most common causes of motorcycle accidents include the other driver failing to yield or following too closely to the motorcycle. Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is the other driver cutting the bike off at an intersection. Other drivers speeding or involved in distracted driving behaviors are also common reasons why motorcycle crashes occur.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Because motorcycles provide very little protection to the driver and passenger, injuries sustained in motorcycle crashes are typically more severe than injuries sustained in other types of motor vehicle accidents. The force of impact when a vehicle slams into a motorcycle often causes the motorcycle driver and passenger to be ejected from the bike, which can result in even more severe injuries.

In Georgia, a lawsuit does not penalize you for the vehicle you were riding at the time of your accident.  If someone else caused your injuries because of their negligence (mistake) then you are entitled to recover the legal damages from your wreck.  Generally speaking, legal damages include special damages, damages you can assign a specific dollar amount to like medical bills and the property damage to your motorcycle, and general damages, these are damages for your pain and suffering, what you had to go through and continue to go through, as determined by a jury of twelve people.  Also, in the worst cases punitive damages are able to be recovered against the other party.  Punitive damages are damages to punish the other driver for intentional or reckless decisions.  A common example of this is when a DUI driver causes your motorcycle accident.

A motorcycle accident lawyer Dekalb County GA will have experience with past clients they have may have represented.  Attorney Andrew Lynch knows many victims have suffered from traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, internal injuries, facial injuries, severe road rash, scarring, and severe bruises, cuts, or lacerations.

Victims of motorcycle accidents that were caused by another driver’s negligence or recklessness may be able to recover damages for all current and future medical expenses, loss of income from not being able to work, loss of future earning capacity if injuries have left the victim with long-term or permanent disabilities limiting their future prospects of employment, past and future pain and suffering, and loss of consortium.   Loss of consortium is a unique legal claim and cause of action under Georgia.  In short a person’s spouse and sometimes parent has a legal interest in their family member.  When someone negligently injures them a spouse may consider pursuing their own legal claim against the at fault party.  If your family member has been hurt while riding their motorcycle contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Dekalb County, Georgia.

Motorcycle Accident Statistics & Ways to stay safe

While no one desires to be in a motorcycle accident the fact is that they happen somewhat commonly. The data shows that for the recent year of 2018 that over 4,900 people lost their lives in motorcycle accidents. It’s also been revealed that around 85,000 people were injured in that same year. These figures serve as a good idea of the dangers of riding a motorcycle. However, they shouldn’t serve as a deterrent if you are a passionate motorcycle rider. It can be said though that due to these informative statistics it’s important to have yourself prepared in the case of an accident. No one desires or expects accidents to happen, but unfortunately they do. Attorney Andrew Lynch is ready to meet your needs in the case of a motorcycle accident. He proudly has been a motorcycle accident lawyer in Dekalb County, Georgia for over 5 years.

One thing to keep in mind when riding your motorcycle is that more crashes happen in good weather than in bad weather. This may sound surprising, but this is due to the beautiful weather attracting more riders. Always be mindful on beautiful days just as you would on any day of your surroundings. It’s also extremely important to leave space between you and the other vehicles around you. Some other important tips to consider are to always wear a helmet and to make sure that your motorcycle equipment is working properly. These items such as turn signals, reflectors, horns and gauges can save your life. Effective mirror placement and stability of mirrors are also extremely important so make sure to always ensure your mirrors are working properly. 

Aside from these important tips it’s best to educate those around us as best we can to “look twice, and save a life”. If the vehicles around us are a little more aware of their surroundings that will make everyone more safe. The more people that understand the saying “look twice, and save a life” the more safe everyone will be especially motorcycle riders. As previously stated many accidents are the results of other vehicles following too closely or improperly yielding to motorcycles. This reinforced the notion of looking around us more often to notice that there are smaller vehicles like motorcycles that are also on the road. Safety is a mindset and an achievable one, but it takes the focus of everyone to achieve. Let’s continue to strive for safer roads. 

Riding a motorcycle is both rewarding as well as a responsibility. We must ensure our safety as best we can, but unfortunately accidents do happen. Even following all of the safety guidelines and educating those around us there still will be things out of our control. That’s why Attorney Andrew Lynch, a motorcycle accident lawyer in Dekalb county, Georgia is always prepared to meet your needs with motorcycle accidents. Whether a single motorcycle accident or not at fault he is ready to fight for you. You can contact Attorney Andrew Lynch for a consultation on his website. 

Let a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Dekalb County GA Victims Trust Fight for You

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may need a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer in Dekalb County GA advocating for you against the other driver and their insurance company.

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