Under Georgia law, if a drunk driver (DUI driver) causes a wreck it is best to contact an attorney immediately.  When someone is driving drunk or recklessly a person who is injured, even just a little, can pursue a case for punitive damages.

Punitive damages are not damages for your pain and suffering or out of pocket expenses.  Punitive damages are  damages to punish the drunk driver for flagrantly disregarding your safety and the safety of our community.  If you are struck by a drunk driver, in most cases, your attorney will be seeking a policy limit demand against the drunk driver’s insurance company.  In none legal language, you should pursue and work to recover all the insurance monies of the drunk driver.

Drunk driver personal injury suits generally result in larger financial recoveries for the persons injured by the drunk drivers.  If you have been hit by a drunk driver you should hire an attorney today to protect your rights.