When riding a motorcycle, having a quick response is vital in order to prevent an accident from occurring. Motorcycle fatalities are among the most common types of vehicle accidents. In the majority of these situations, the person driving the other vehicle was at fault. Although being a motorcycle enthusiast is an enjoyable activity, it comes with its fair share of risk. To avoid accidents, a motorcyclist must be able to respond quickly and ride preventatively.

Road Conditions

Having an awareness of road conditions will help prevent an accident from occurring. When riding a bike, it’s vital that you are alert and aware of road conditions to ensure that you do not slide your bike and lose control. Avoiding the following conditions will help prevent accidents:

  • Always be sure to have good visibility, never ride a motorcycle when it’s raining.
  • Stay away from areas of the road that are covered with debris
  • Bypass any manholes, debris such as gravel or oil slicks

Vehicles on the Road

Motorcycles are mostly at risk of accidents when another vehicle on the road does not see them.

  • Distractions: Present day driving can prove to be more dangerous than ever with the number of distractions on the road such as: cell phones, texting, and technological amenities in our vehicles. As a result, motorcycles must use extra caution and always be on the alert.
  • Blind Spots: Motorcycles are much smaller than a car- being aware that you may be in the blind spot of a car is crucial to preventing an accident. Make sure that other drivers can always see you and that you are not blocked by anything that would inhibit their ability to see you.
  • Never ride between parked cars and traffic. You risk someone who is not paying attention opening their car door and hitting you!
  • Watch for cars turning out into intersections. It is highly likely that a car may not see you and pull out right in front of the bike. Always pay attention to signs and when you may be near an area where cars may be pulling out.
  • Pay attention to the wheels of other vehicles. It is the best way to see what their next move will be.  
  • Bikes can stop faster than cars. If you come to a stop too quickly, and the car behind you isn’t paying attention, you risk being rear-ended. At times, it may be appropriate to sit between cars rather than in a line of them.

While there are many dangers when riding a motorcycle, there’s no reason why it can’t be an activity that should be enjoyed by those who are interested. Educating oneself and taking the appropriate precautions will leave a motorcyclist as prepared as possible. Contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer trusts is vital if you have suffered a biking accident and would like guidance regarding whether or not to file a personal claim. Often the first meeting is free in order to assess the information before moving forward with a plan.