As a parent, it can be scary when your teen gets to the age of being able to drive. It can be natural for parents to become worried about their teen’s safety while behind the wheel. It is important to communicate that distracted driving is the most common reason car crashes happen to teens. During this delicate driving learning stage, there are ways parents can help keep their teens safe while on the road. Below we answer some frequently asked questions by concerned parents, who have only the best of intentions for preventing their teens from getting into a car accident, as a Milwaukee personal injury lawyer turns to can explain.


Is It Being Overprotective By Reiterating the Importance of Wearing a Seatbelt?

One of the most effective ways to keep your teen safe is by reminding them to utilize their seatbelt at all times. It can be easy to forget to buckle up, so you can install a device that beeps until the belt is buckled. It may feel embarrassing for your teen to have to use this sort of device, but it will be worth it if one day a seatbelt saves their life. If you are looking to buy a car specifically for your teen to drive, try opting for one that already has a device installed that alerts the driver when the seatbelt is not strapped.


Should I Talk to My Teen about Driving Drunk, Even When They Are Underage?

Talking with your teen about drinking and driving is a good idea, even if they are not yet of drinking age. By keeping the communication open, it can make your teen feel comfortable to call on you if they have been drinking with friends or are under the influence of drugs. Drinking not only causes visual impairments but is also illegal for those under the age of 21. You can enforce the rule of not drinking and driving by being an icon for good behavior. Never drive while under the influence with your teen, so they do not replicate poor driving decisions.


Can I Install a Tracking or Other Sort of Device to Make Sure My Teen Is Driving Safe?

Installing trackers so you can monitor where your teen is driving at all times may hinder open communication and trust. It may be more useful to have discussions with your teen versus using technology to keep an eye on them. Establish an agreement between you and your teen based on the driving habits they agree to uphold.


What Else Can I Do to Get My Teen Prepared for Driving?

There may be scenarios in which your teen feels unsafe, whether while driving or riding in the car with another person behind the wheel. Help your teen be prepared to handle such situations by practicing using the right words or a plan in order to get them out of an unsafe car. Give your teenager options for getting home in a safe way, including calling you at any time and for any reason, without repercussions.

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