Car Accident Attorney Dekalb County, GA

Hit and run accidents can be the worst. Not only is it frustrating to know that the person that is likely at fault for your vehicles damages possibly got away without any accountability, they likely left the scene and left you with injuries you may have to cover yourself due to lack of the other parties insurance information. This does not always mean you are out of luck, with the right help you may be able to be compensated for both your property damages and physical injuries.

In these cases, your own insurance policy limits will determine what you recover in damages depending on the extent of your injuries and damages. Remember, however, that Personal Injury Protection does not cover property damage and you are required to have collision coverage for any damage done to your vehicle.

Unfortunately, to recover the damages in a hit and run accident, you will likely have to find the person responsible for the accident, despite their leaving the scene. If you cannot do this, you will need to have already had uninsured motorist insurance, which many people do not know they need until it is already too late, or will refuse to save money. This coverage pays for the losses and damages caused by an uninsured or underinsured party, which is equivalent to a party that did not provide insurance information due to fleeing the scene.

Just because you involve the police, many hit and run drivers still manage to get away if you are not able to gather pertinent information, such as a tag number, or anything unique to the car or driver involved. Although there will be a rush of adrenaline going through you, try to gather as much details as you can: partial tag numbers, make, model, and color of the cars are all details that can help when pursuing the driver. Look for and speak with witnesses, and take as many photos of the scene and damage as you can.

There are several reasons drivers flee the scene of a hit and run, and it is likely that they cannot afford to pay for the damages caused, including your medical care. So it is best to speak with a skilled car accident attorney Dekalb County, GA relies on at Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. who has experience in these types of cases. By doing so, you widen your chances of being compensated for damages and injuries that you may not be able to recover on your own. A knowledgeable attorney will be able to use all resources available to you to make sure you get what it is that you deserve.