Car Accident Attorney

In the aftermath of a car accident, it’s important to work with a car accident lawyer to establish that the other driver was responsible for causing the crash. If you suffered a serious injury as a result, it is even more reason to hire an experienced car accident lawyer who can protect your best interests. Because the other driver may wish to avoid taking responsibility, though you are certain you didn’t cause the accident, it will be necessary to prove it. Lawyers have helped many victims in this situation. They have experience representing injured drivers and are in a good position to help you. They have the resources and the commitment necessary to get you the fair settlement you deserve for your damages.

Experience Matters

No two car accidents are exactly the same because of all the many variables involved. In determining a solid case that proves the liability of the other driver, it can require years of experience and an intimate understanding of motor vehicle laws. An auto accident lawyer Washington, DC trusts has a clear understanding of what is necessary to establish beyond doubt that a client deserves compensation for their damages. They will make every reasonable effort to prove liability of the other driver after a thorough investigation of how the accident occurred.

We Have the Necessary Resources

After an accident occurs, each driver may point the finger at the other driver in terms of who is responsible for having caused it. If one of the drivers sustained a significant injury, they will need medical care that is likely to be very costly. Their damages may also include a loss of income while they recover and possibly emotional injuries in the aftermath of having been in a horrific car accident. When a victim in these circumstances comes to a car accident lawyer, they will look very closely at their case. If it’s evident that they were not responsible for the accident, their attorney will make every effort to prove that. Depending on the circumstances, your attorney may leverage any of the following resources to help your case:

  • Car accident forensic investigator. A trained investigator can review the circumstances of an accident to determine what led up to it, and provide evidence to support the theories. This might include skid marks, defective auto parts such as brakes, photographs of the accident scene immediately after it occurred.
  • Medical expert. A physician or medical specialist can examine our client to determine the extent of their injuries and prognosis. They can also point to how the injury likely happened. A medical expert can also specify what kind of treatment will be necessary, how long it will last, and the costs involved. The latter can be especially helpful in determining the amount of compensation the victim should be paid by the at-fault party.



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