Car Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving motorcycle riders continue to climb across the nation. This unfortunate reality proves that roads still need to be made safer for riders, and in order to do this, the more common types of motorcycle accidents should be evaluated so the problem can be tackled at its roots.

One particularly common motorcycle crash is the serious left-hook accident, often seen at intersections. This accident occurs when a driver makes a left turn and fails to yield to a motorcyclist. Naturally, a motorcyclist often assumes that when a car is turning left in front of him or her, it will yield. However, the human brain tends to look out for larger objects in this situation, such as a car.

The consequences of a left-hook crash can be devastating. The driver can run the motorcyclist down, or he or she may get thrown off of the bike if there is a collision with the side fender of the car. Many times, a driver will say they did not see the motorcyclist after a left-hook accident, and they may try to blame the motorcyclist’s position at the time of the crash. Although this is often a cause of a brain “blindspot,” the driver is still at fault.

Associated left-hook injuries

A motorcyclist is normally thrown from his or her bike after being struck by a larger vehicle. Injuries include major trauma to the head from a pavement or windshield impact, broken bones, road rash, lacerations and other contusions. You may also suffer losses that are not physical, such as the totaling of your bike.

As you are trying to heal, you may be contacted by your insurance company and the insurer for the driver who caused the accident. It’s best to avoid speaking to insurers, and you should not give out any details of the accident to them. Essentially, the insurance company will simply want to settle your case as soon as possible to avoid the hassle and expense of going to court. However, they do not have your best interests in mind, and they may try to have you sign a document that says you will take a smaller amount than you are entitled to receive. While a small settlement now to avoid court may sound appealing, it can be a big mistake when your medical bills pile up later.

It’s time to get help

Since these accidents can cause a rider to suffer a major injury, it is wise to speak to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer trusts as soon as you can. Your attorney will help collect evidence of your injuries, medical bills and losses so you can prove your case in court. They will also handle the insurance companies for you, so you don’t have to settle for less or deal with the stress while you are trying to recover. You may not ever be the same as you were before the accident, but having money to cover your bills and losses associated with the crash is essential.