Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can happen at any time and anywhere. Injuries caused by an accident can be very serious and can even cause death or can just involve only minor injuries. Car accidents can cause problems for people to perform their daily activities.

For this reason, the first thing to do after suffering a car accident is to consult with a health professional like a chiropractor; they possess the necessary knowledge to deal with any type of injury caused by a car accident.

The visit to a health professional is almost mandatory after suffering a car accident; failure to do so can aggravate symptoms and increase risks to your long-term health. At the doctor’s visit, he or she will explain the damage from the accident and focus on improvement of the injury from the accident.

There are some factors that can affect the severity of the injury after a car accident.

· The speed of the discharge: if the accident occurs at a speed of between 7 and 13 miles, the body suffers a force equivalent to 20 times its weight; at higher speeds the compression force suffered by the body is greater, and therefore can cause more serious injuries.

· Surprise: if the accident takes you by surprise or if you saw the vehicle before the accident occurs, the extent of the injury may vary. If you see the vehicle in the mirror before the impact, you can prepare and suffer less damage.

· Seat belt: the safety belt could save your life, if you do not use it during the accident, the injuries can be very serious.

· Support: the support of the head could affect the extent of the injury caused by the whiplash.

In general, the injuries caused by a car accident are soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments and joint capsules. Joint dysfunctions occur with a greater incidence in the spine, with whiplash being the main injury caused by car accidents.

In addition to whiplash after a car accident, injury to the shoulders and back may occur. Chiropractors have knowledge of human anatomy to know exactly how these injuries affect the body.

Chiropractors do a thorough evaluation to find the root of the problem and then attack it to effectively reduce the symptoms caused by the injury. Among the symptoms that appear after a car accident are neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, headache, back pain, numbness and tingling, stiffness, blurred vision, dizziness, anxiety or depression.

Thanks to the manipulation and holistic techniques used by these health professionals, the health of people suffering from a car accident can improve exponentially. Thanks to these techniques, they can quickly recover mobility, flexibility, strength and reduce symptoms, such as pain, stiffness, dizziness, and tingling.

The holistic techniques used by chiropractors are based on teaching the patient proper postural habits, exercises to improve strength and flexibility, and comprehensive chiropractic care.

At LifeCare Chiropractic we donot just focus on the injury that people suffer. Good chiropractors provide care to the body in general, since any type of dysfunction at the level of the spine can affect many areas of the body. This comprehensive care may guarantee that the patient is completely cured and that he recovers his or her pre-accident health.