Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorney Georgia

So you have had an open personal injury case for some time and it has now reached the time where an agreement has been made. It is best to be well informed of what happens after your settlement in a personal injury case. While every case has statute of limitations, there is no official time that your case will come to a conclusion. Depending on the case, insurance companies will not immediately accept liability and are sometimes hesitant to pay out, they would rather negotiate some times as long as they can.

It is important to know that the accused party, or liable can fight your claim and cause your case to be drawn out even longer and delay the time you are paid. The alternative is to fill out paperwork required to release your check to you once your attorney receives it. With most personal injury cases, attorneys and insurance companies will try to reach a settlement and avoid trial. When a case is taken to trial, because there are now more factors included, the steps to finalize the settlement are a bit drawn out.

As the case is coming to an end it is best to work closely with your attorney to ensure that all documentation is completed and prepared for all other parties involved. If the case has to be taken to trial a court must be notified typically within 30 to 60 days that the case has reached a settlement. Once you receive word that your case is finalized and checks are due to be distributed, they will typically go to your attorney. From there your attorney will make sure all of your medical bills are paid, and take their attorneys fees as agreed upon in your initial client-attorney contract. After this, you will receive your check. Be sure to go over all of the medical facilities bills and records with your attorney so that no bill is neglected and pops up later to be your responsibility. If there are issues that you have regarding the terms of the settlement, meet with your attorney immediately to discuss and resolve all problems, the attorney will place any monies not agreed upon into a trust account until there are no more issues.

After so much time dealing with a personal injury case on top of recovering from physical pain, you may be very excited to receive your settlement check. Do understand that if you are not satisfied, it is okay to express this with your attorney. If you do not have one, please speak with a skilled catastrophic personal injury attorney Georgia relies on at Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. as soon as possible.