Car Accident Attorney Dekalb County, GA

Unfortunately, drivers that rear-end other motor vehicles are almost always seen to be at fault. Although it is easy to assume that the driver that was tailing the other involved vehicle had to somehow be distracted, and not notice that the vehicle in front of it had come to a halt, this is not always what happens. There are some cases where the driver that crashed into the back of another vehicle did not cause the motor vehicle accident at all.

To be seen at fault, or liable for a motor vehicle accident, there are some basic factors to take into account:

  •   The driver had a duty to fulfill according to the rules of the rule
  •   That duty had not been fulfilled
  •   Because this duty was breached, a motor vehicle accident was caused.

Failure to obey the rules of road may almost always make you the at fault party in a car accident, but this has to be proven.

In any car accident scenario, law enforcement will supply citations to any party they feel participated in any negligent act causing the accident. Just because you are cited does not always mean you are at fault. In most rear-end cases a car stops and the tailing vehicle does not have time to stop before it is too late. There are instances where a car stops abruptly, but it is expected that the other driver leave a fair amount of space between the cars in front to avoid accidents.

There are some instances where the at-fault party is the one rear-ended. Such as:

  •   Improper backing
  •   No brake lights
  •   Stop and go
  •   Failure to use hazard lights

These are examples of what would make the rear-ended individual negligent and they can be held accountable. It is best to seek legal counsel in these cases because it is common to be wrongfully cited by a police officer. In these accidents, it is also possible that you incur several medical bills due to injuries sustained. If you are not at fault, you should also not be held responsible for the medical bills accrued. If you or someone you know has been wrongfully cited for a rear-end accident and has suffered injuries, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney that will be able to challenge your citation and help you get the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. While you may not get everything recovered, the right car accident attorney Dekalb County, GA trusts can help you get something.

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