A catastrophic injury is one that is so severe that the victim suffers a permanent injury and/or symptoms for the rest of their life. It’s not uncommon for a brain or spinal injury to be catastrophic. The same is also true of serious burn injuries that leaves permanent scarring. Damage to the central nervous system or the brain will usually require an extended period of time to recover, expensive medical treatment, and the realization that full recovery may not be possible. In fact, the victim’s life may never be the same as it was before the accident that was avoidable but for someone else’s negligent actions.

What is a personal injury claim?

When someone acts in a way that is careless or negligent and their action results in harming an innocent person, the victim has the right to recover their damages from the negligent person. This should be a straightforward process, but too often it isn’t because the at-fault party or their insurance company refuses to pay the victim. As a general rule, the more costly the victim’s damages, the more likely they will get pushback for seeking compensation. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can file a well-documented and itemized claim that details how the other party was responsible for causing the accident and how you were damaged. As well, the damages will be associated with costs and the settlement amount you expect to receive as a result. A personal injury lawyer will be aggressive in pursuing compensation from the responsible party.

What are considered damages in a personal injury claim?

The nature and amount of damages varies from one claim to the next. Initially, you may not even be aware of your total damages. For instance, you may have suffered an injury that might need surgery or additional treatment in the near future but your physician is taking a wait and see approach for the time being. Filing a claim in that scenario is best done once you have a firm understanding of your total costs associated with the accident. A personal injury lawyer has experience handling cases in which the total damages are not readily apparent. Regardless the circumstances of your case, a law firm will make sure your best interests are protected.

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