Truck Accident Lawyer

A trucking accident is almost always a traumatic event, and the aftermath of the accident can be just as traumatic. When dealing with loss of work and wages, injuries and other circumstances after a wreck, you may feel that fighting for the compensation you deserve could not get any more difficult. Government regulations and trucking companies can often make it harder to receive the compensation that you need after the accident, so proving your case is an important step in securing your damages. If you can prove that you had loss of work and wages or injuries related to the accident, you can be closer to receiving your part of what you are entitled to.

Loss of Work and Wages

After an accident, there are many factors that could lead to loss of work and wages. First, you are likely out of a means of transportation after the accident, and it is sometimes impossible to secure a new vehicle without your compensation money for the wreck. The trucking company or government may open an investigation which could take months to complete. This means that you are unable to drive yourself to work and may have to depend on someone else to take you to your job. Because this is not always possible, you will likely miss work which could cause strain with your employer. You may also have injuries that keep you from performing your job tasks and could jeopardize your position. The trucking company may try to take as long as possible to give you your rightful compensation, so make sure that you have a competent lawyer on your side to handle the legal matters.


Not only can injuries lead to loss of work and wages, they can also lead to expensive medical costs and multiple doctor visits. You may not be able to pay your medical bills without your compensation from the accident, which can cause a major area of stress in your life. Injuries may keep you from doing your former work or from leading a normal day-to-day life. Your lawyer can help fight for you to receive the indemnification that is needed after a traumatic accident.

Being in a trucking accident is a scary thing and can change many aspects of your life. Do not let government regulations and trucking company red tape keep you from receiving your rightful damages; contact an experienced truck accident lawyer in Trenton, NJ today to have an expert helping you win your case.



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