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If something happens to you where you won’t be working for an extended period of time, it is suggested you contact a disability attorney to help you deal with the Social Security Administration. Disability attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with disability cases. Statistics have shown that someone applying for social security disability benefits is more likely to get approved if they are legally represented.

Why Should I Seek the Help of a Disability Lawyer?

The biggest reason to enlist the help of an attorney for your disability case is the fact that your chances of getting approved are substantially increased when legally represented. 

Disability lawyers are well versed in all the applications and forms necessary when applying for disability benefits. They take all available information and present your case to the court in the most positive light for you. Insight on some of the information presented when completing the forms that attorneys can impart to their clients are:

  • The estimated onset date of the disability
  • Is your condition one that is included in the Social Security’s listed impairments as written in their blue book.
  • Center on the facts that Social Security needs to hear

During the appeal levels, your attorney can work for you by:

  • getting pertinent medical evidence, 
  • obtaining your doctor’s formal opinion
  • Putting together a brief that can be submitted to the Administrative Law Judge
  • Help you get ready for questions that may be asked at your hearing by the judge

In addition, your lawyer will extract testimony from you during the hearing that can help your case. Your attorney will also have the opportunity to cross-examine any medical experts or vocational experts in an effort to confirm your inability to work.

During the next part of the appeal process, which is the federal court and the Appeals Council, your attorney will design high-level legal arguments illustrating how Social Security mistakenly denied your claim.

At What Point Should You Contact an Attorney?

Even before you are thinking about filing for disability you should contact a lawyer and get a free consultation concerning your case. Your attorney can assist you in evaluating how strong a case you have and help you with the first applications. Many people attempt this part of the process on their own; however, with legal assistance you are more likely to get your claim approved.

Here’s something else to think about: If you have legal assistance from the beginning and your first application is approved, your attorney fees will be small as there would only be a small amount of back benefits due from Social Security. If you have to fight for back benefits, your disability attorney will receive about twenty-five percent of the backpay if your case is successful.

Contact a Bristol social security disability lawyer for benefit denials as soon as you discover there may be a problem receiving your social security disability benefits. The sooner you call, the faster your claim has the potential to be addressed, the sooner you can receive the benefits you are entitled to receive.



Thanks to The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for their insight into social security and fighting for your benefits.