Personal Injury Lawyer

When you are young, one of the first things an adult teaches you is that you are supposed to look both ways when you cross the street, you should always cross on a sidewalk, and you should wait for a “walk” signal if you are crossing into an area of major traffic. While all of these rules still apply, it is possible to follow them and still become injured when you are obeying the law. Cars share the road with many different types of vehicles and while they should be looking to keep an eye out for pedestrians, they do not always do so. When this happens, serious accidents can occur. Pedestrian accident attorneys want you to know that if you have been in an accident with a car and are recovering from injuries, they are here to help you with your personal injury lawsuit. 

Taking Documentation at the Scene

After an accident with a car, if you are not knocked unconscious, you may be wondering what you are supposed to do. The first thing you should always do is get to safety as quickly as possible. If you were thrown into the street and are able to walk, move to the side of the road or the sidewalk as soon as you can. After calling the police and waiting for them to arrive, see if you are able to take pictures of the scene. If you have your phone on you, take pictures of the street, the intersection, the car, your injuries, and anything else that could be relevant to the accident. You should also take down the names and contact information of witnesses who saw the accident occur. 

See a Doctor

This means that if you believe you have serious injuries you should seek medical attention before doing anything else. Call 9-1-1 or have the police call for an ambulance to come to get you if you believe your life is in danger. If you are not sure of how serious your injuries are, you should still seek medical attention from a nearby doctor as quickly as possible. Remember, just because you don’t feel bad right now does not mean you do not have serious injuries. Your body’s ability to mask pain when it is in shock could lead you to believe you have no injuries at the scene. This is why it is important to never answer the other party or their insurance by telling them you think you are fine or uninjured after the accident occurred. 

Get Legal Help

Lawyers want to help you get the compensation you deserve when you are dealing with medical bills, therapy bills, and pain and suffering that may come from being the victim of a pedestrian-car accident. To see how a pedestrian accident lawyer in Trenton, NJ can help you, give a law office a call. 



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