Truck Accident Lawyer

Regardless of the side of the case you’re on, expert witnesses are an essential part of your truck accident case. Truck accidents are unique in a variety of ways, and you want someone on your side who can give facts as an expert, rather than just a lay witness, though lay witnesses will also be important to your case. The following are some reasons you should have some expert witnesses testify.

Determining Fault

A lay witness who saw the accident occur could state that the truck ran a red light, but an expert witness could give details about what was going on inside the truck itself that caused it to be unable to stop at the red light. For example, trucks have loads of data recorders in their systems. Inside the truck, there’s data stored about braking, steering, vectoring and acceleration. A regular person can’t just read this data, but someone trained to interpret it can read it and can tell the court what took place. Using the raw data, he or she can see why the accident happened the way it did.

Another way expert witnesses can help to determine fault is by giving an accurate depiction of what trucking laws are. Anyone could read a copy of trucking laws and regulations, but if a professional truck driver or other individual in the trucking industry can spell it out for the court, it may be easier for the jurors or judge to understand.

Determining Causation

To determine causation, a medical professional can look at whether the accident actually caused injuries. It’s one thing for someone to say their health concerns were a result of the truck accident, but it’s another thing for the person’s primary care provider to offer evidence that the individual was in great health before the accident and is suffering now that it has occurred.

Determining Damages

After an expert has shown that injuries actually took place, other medical experts can give evidence of the severity of the individual’s new health concerns. These expert witnesses might include psychologists, neurosurgeons or other specialists who have worked on treating the victim.

In addition to medical damages, a victim may seek lost wages or other similar damages. Expert witnesses such as a vocational expert could give examples of the things the injured person could do prior to the accident as compared to after the accident. This could show a diminished ability to make a living.

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