Car Accident Lawyer

Depending on the severity of a car accident, your injuries can span the gamut from minor to severe. For significant injuries, you will need medical attention and possible rehabilitation, but how do you pay for it.? Not everyone has adequate insurance or the finances to cover hospital costs, but there are ways to get the treatment you need.

Personal Insurance Coverage

If you have auto insurance or individual health insurance, it is possible to receive the care you need without having to pay much out of pocket. However, if you are looking to recover any losses through a lawsuit, then your health insurance provider will probably want to get paid back too. 


Personal injury protection is usually covered through many auto insurance policies. If you have PIP coverage, then you can use the funds to help cover some of your expenses, but you do not get to pick what it pays for. 

Medicare or Medicaid

The government insurance programs, Medicare and Medicaid, will cover you in the event of a car accident. However, before you can use your policy for any medical coverage, it requires you to use any existing PIP coverage you have. Once the funds from the PIP policy are exhausted, your Medicare or Medicaid plans will kick in.


You may find luck with a conventional loan for your medical treatments. Some lenders will provide funding for costs, but the interest rates in these loan programs may be significant, so be careful.

Family and Friends

If you are in dire need of funds, you can look to your loved ones for help. Maybe you have family or friends who can front you the money and agree to repayment over time.

Personal Savings

If you are lucky enough to have a personal savings account, then you may want to dig into what you have. While it’s difficult to spend your savings, if you are suing the at-fault driver, then you can recover your money.

Attorney Liens

If you have no alternative sources of income, you can request an attorney lien. Attorney liens are promises from your attorney to the hospital or medical center where you receive treatment. The promise is that the medical center will receive payment first from any settlement or award for your case before they release the funds to you.

While a car accident injury is frustrating, and it’s challenging to find the funding to cover medical costs, there are several ways for you to get the treatment you need. Contact a local car accident lawyer, for help.