Auto Accident Lawyer

Every accident that unfolds on the roadway is unexpected. We never go about our day thinking that we will find ourselves in a serious accident, but it does happen. Most people have only a little first-hand experience about what to do after an accident, or they learned about what steps to take during their driver’s education class. But for many of us, this class was more than a handful of years ago, and we may have forgotten how to react at the scene of a collision. 

One thing that is often missing from these driver’s educational courses, is the importance of protecting your best interests during this time. Unfortunately, even if you weren’t at-fault for the accident, other parties may make you feel like you are responsible or that you should accept less compensation than what you deserve. 

If you are asking yourself in what circumstances it is best to hire a lawyer, then read on, as we have answered this below:

You Were Seriously Injured, Physically and/or Mentally

Not every car accident results in a trip to the hospital. But, this doesn’t mean that you didn’t sustain injuries, as symptoms may not have revealed themselves yet. In fact, it only takes around 15-20 miles per hour of force during a collision to have adverse effects on the human body. Most people don’t feel pain until the days, weeks, or months after the accident.

And disappointingly, by this time, the car accident claim has probably been closed and you can no longer seek further compensation. Car insurance companies want to close a claim as soon as possible so victims can waive their right to pursue repayment for losses and damages. By hiring a lawyer for serious physical and/or mental injuries, they can fight for a fair amount of restitution so that future medical expenses are covered. 

Lastly, do not underestimate symptoms related to mental health after a car accident. A car collision is stressful, and can trigger conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. Always put your health first, even if the other parties involved in your car accident claim are making you feel as if you shouldn’t. 

An Insurance Adjuster is Pestering You With Questions

Sadly, as much as we want to trust that our car insurance company has our best interest in mind, it will come down to dollars and cents and how much your claim is costing them. You may receive phone calls from an insurance adjuster who wants to talk with you and ask questions about the accident. This person is not your friend, despite appearing pleasant and concerned, and will try to get you to say things that ruin your claim. 

Anyone who has recently been in a car accident can take action to protect themselves by hiring a lawyer, such as an auto accident attorney in Indianapolis, IN from Ward & Ward Law Firm