Workers Compensation Lawyer

Accidents can happen anywhere. Nowadays, more people are working from home than ever before. Whether you are a seasoned work-from-home employee or if this is new territory for you, it is important to recognize that workplace injuries can happen when you’re at home also.

If you’re injured while performing work-related tasks at home, you may still be entitled to compensation, as a workers compensation lawyer, like from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, can explain to you.

Workers’ Compensation Eligibility

When it comes to workers’ compensation eligibility, the main qualifier is that you are an employee. Contract workers and those who are self-employed generally do not have workers’ compensation benefits. However, if you work as an employee, most employers are required to provide you with workers’ compensation benefits.

To be eligible for workers’ compensation, you have to have a work-related injury or illness. For instance, if you’re lifting boxes for work but tear a rotator cuff or if you fall from a piece of equipment at a construction site, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation for your injuries.

Accidents that occur on your way to and from work, however, don’t count. If you leave the office for lunch and get into an accident, you cannot receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you were on a business lunch for your employer, however, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

Work-From-Home Employee Eligibility

Since you’re at home, you may be uncertain of your benefits. Your benefits do not change when you work at home. For instance, if you are moving boxes of files to your desk and trip, injuring your ankle, you may still be qualified for workers’ compensation. Likewise, if you develop a chronic condition, such as carpal tunnel, you may be eligible for benefits.

If you suffer an injury at work, regardless of whether you are in the office or at home, file a claim as soon as possible. Report the accident to your employer and follow up to ensure that he or she filed a workers’ compensation claim. A workers’ compensation claim can cover a percentage of your lost wages and your medical bills.

If you work from home, your workers’ compensation case may be more complex than it would be if you were on company property. If you’re unsure about whether you have a claim, you can set up a meeting with a workers’ compensation attorney. He or she can lead you through the steps of filing a claim and can help you determine whether you are entitled to compensation.