Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are incredibly ugly events. You’re heading home or heading somewhere that you need to  and someone collides with you with their car. The experience is traumatic and you suffer a few injuries; the first and only thing on your mind is that you get justice for what has occurred to you. But instead of staying at the scene the other driver whose car for some reason still works drives away. Instead of facing the music, the other driver decided to be a coward and flee the scene, making getting justice for your injury much more difficult. After all, how can you sue a person when you have none of their information to give to a car accident lawyer or officer?

This is called a hit-and-run any event in which someone crashes into you with their vehicle and drives away before any exchange of information or before the police arrives. This incredibly unfair action often results from the other driver anticipating very severe consequences from having to see another police officer in the state that he/she is in (being in a car accident)  So they flee instead hoping to god that they don’t get caught.

There are the minor consequences of just being in a collision which are mostly paid for by your insurance resulting with a hike in your monthly premiums and assuming that you were following the rules and driving in a manner that your state laws demand, there won’t be much more than that. However, hit and run consequences are far more severe. A hit and run is classified as a felony meaning that if charged, you could spend up to a year in jail, face heavy fines, or both. Along with that, it’s an automatic driver’s license suspension.

But given that hitting someone and running away is an incredibly cruel act sometimes this just isn’t enough. Victims can ask for compensatory damages which are made to pay for losses like medical bills, time away from work, property damage, and pain and suffering. Even more, they can ask for punitive damages, which are thrown on just for the purpose of punishing the defendant  for irresponsible and “outrageous” behavior.

If you’re the victim of any kind of accident make sure you get the make, color, and model of the car. While surveillance footage (if captured) can provide this information, you can’t always expect there to be an outside source to identify the car and it’s better to take matters into your own hands. That way in the event of a hit and run, you’ll surely have the other driver’s car info and you’ll be sure to catch them.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch for their expertise on hit-and-run car accidents.