What does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

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When an emergency arises, you might turn every which way to find compensation. You can’t always predict the disasters that are going to happen in your life, but you can protect yourself with proper insurance. If you recently experienced a tragic incident, you might wonder if homeowner’s insurance will help to cover the costs. The following are some types of coverage your homeowner’s policy might cover.

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Personal Property

One of the neat things about personal property coverage is your property is covered regardless of where the damage is sustained. Many times, it is damaged in or around your home, but not always. For example, if “personal property” in your policy includes your bicycle and you are hit by a car while in another town, your homeowner’s insurance coverage could pay for you to get your bike repaired or replaced. If “personal property” in your policy includes jewelry and yours is stolen from your hotel room while on vacation, coverage could pay for a replacement.


Dwelling coverage is what helps you financially recover if your home needs a repair or rebuild. Whether you experience a fire or another disaster included in your homeowner’s insurance policy, it will cover repairs or replacement of the cabinets, plumbing, foundation, deck, flooring, utilities and more. If you have a detached garage or shed, those could be included as well under “other structures.”

Additional Expenses

If you can’t live in your home for a time while it is being repaired, loss of use coverage steps in to cover the additional living expenses you’ll incur. This includes temporary residency costs such as rent and utilities. Most policies will only cover these expenses for the shortest time it would take someone to reasonably rebuild or repair a home. If your home gets destroyed beyond repair and you choose to relocate altogether, you would typically receive payments until the time you move into your new residence.


When someone is injured on your property, liability coverage is essential. Perhaps your dog bit someone who was visiting one of your children. Maybe a crack in your sidewalk made an elderly neighbor trip and fall. In any of these cases, you could be sued and taken to court. With proper insurance coverage, you might be able to avoid the lawsuit.

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Regardless of the situation you have found yourself in, there are many tragedies that homeowner’s insurance covers. Contact a lawyer today to learn whether your particular situation qualifies for compensation.