Top 3 Car Accident Mistakes

Top 3 Mistakes Made After A Car Accident

It’s scary when you’re involved in a car accident! You’re left to cope with unexpected medical expenses, the need to repair your vehicle, and possibly even time missed from work. While there are laws to help car accident victims get compensation, it’s vital to understand what mistakes you should avoid so that you improve your chance at compensation. 

In this post, you’ll learn more about the top 3 mistakes that could damage your potential legal claim.

  1. What you should and shouldn’t say after a car accident to the other people involved
  2. What you should do at the scene of the wreck
  3. Whether getting medical care right away can help your claim

By sharing these tips, we hope that if you’re involved in a car accident you’re better prepared to protect your potential legal claim. 

Apologizing To Others Involved In The Accident

As a trusted lawyer, like a car accident lawyer can tell you, it’s an all too common reaction that occurs when we are involved in any sort of situation: the overwhelming urge to say, “Sorry!” or to say, “I’m so sorry!” It often happens at the scene of car accidents with the person who isn’t at fault for the accident apologizing to anyone else involved. While it seems like nothing more than a person relying on their manners to make a bad situation a little better, apologizing can create a problem if you decide to pursue a legal claim. 

Apologizing to the other driver or drivers involved could be seen by the police, the other parties, and even the insurance company that you’re the at-fault party. Instead of apologizing, ask if the other parties are hurt and need medical care. 

Not Taking Photos Of The Accident Scene

Forgetting or not knowing to take photos of the accident scene may not completely destroy your potential legal claim. However, if you do take photos of the scene and its entirety, you may be providing your attorney, the insurance company, and even the court with vital clues related to the cause of the accident and its severity. 

If you have your cell phone with you and you’re physically able to do so, take photos of:

  • The weather conditions
  • Damage to the vehicle(s)
  • Injuries of the parties
  • Street signs
  • Skidmarks
  • Anything that could be helpful later to your claim

Not Getting Immediate Medical Care

Even if you don’t feel like you’re hurt, get medical care right away. While you don’t necessarily need to ride in the ambulance and get medical treatment at the emergency room, you should book an appointment with your doctor or go to urgent care as soon as you can. Not only could you have injuries you’re unaware of that need treatment (such as an internal injury with few to no signs), getting immediate medical care may help support your car accident claim.

Car Accident? Protect Your Potential Legal Rights

If you’re involved in a car accident, our friends at Herschensohn Law Firm, PLLC want you to know what you can do to protect your potential legal claim from the three most common mistakes made after the accident. Above all, make sure that you contact a car accident attorney to discuss your potential claim.