Georgia is a state that assigns fault in car accidents. This is counter to no-fault states because drivers must have insurance that will apply to the accidents and protect the victim with coverage from the at-fault driver. Filing a claim is the first step when contacting the insurance carrier. The adjuster will investigate the accident and determine how much each person should pay for each insurance policy. The adjuster usually collects enough information to apply the collision details to a settlement offer. Then, the victim can either accept the offer or reject it stating that it is not enough. The rejection usually occurs with the help of a car accident lawyer in Decatur, GA so that the injured party understands how much the compensation should provide. 

In many circumstances, the two drivers will contact and process the entire event through the insurance companies attached for coverage. However, some accidents require a third-party claim against the carrier. These usually start because of negligence from the other driver. Using personal injuries as the subject of the claim, the plaintiff will need the services of a car accident lawyer to initiate the matter in the state. Even with a third-party claim, the insurance company may still attempt a settlement offer. The individual can either take the claim or pursue the matter in court based on the advice and help of the lawyer hired for the legal concern. The claim in the courtroom will rely on liability, comparative fault, and evidence to build the case.