atv accident atlanta attorney

If you have been harmed in an ATV accident, seek the representation of Atlanta-area attorney, Andrew Lynch right away and find out if you may be due compensation.

All-Terrain Vehicles, more commonly referred to as “ATVs” are a popular and fun way to get to the places that traditional vehicles can’t. The greater Atlanta area is filled with just the right kind of terrain to have a real blast on an ATV, and they can serve practical uses on the ranches and farms in the rural parts of Metro Atlanta. However, driving an ATV is innately dangerous. An ATV offers none of the protections expected in a car. Even if wearing all of the proper protective gear such as helmets, padded coats, and gloves, victims in an ATV crash can still experience broken bones, fractured spinal cords, burns, or death.

It is important to be properly trained when operating an ATV, and to know your vehicle. When someone is careless while operating such a dangerous vehicle, people can get hurt.

If you or someone you know has been harmed due to the carelessness or recklessness of someone else operating an ATV, then it is that person’s responsibility to bear the costs of those injuries. Examples of these negligent behaviors can include driving the ATV while intoxicated, driving recklessly, taking the ATV onto public roads without properly equipping it, not properly maintaining the ATV or hauling more than the weight capacity of the vehicle. Of course, this list is far from conclusive.

Every case is different, so call immediately for a free consultation and find out exactly how personal injury attorney, Andrew Lynch can help you.