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If you or a loved one have been involved in an aviation accident, you need the skill and expertise of Atlanta-area attorney Andrew Lynch to make sure that you get the absolute best representation.

An airplane accident is almost always a horrific and traumatic event that can lead to extreme injuries and untimely death. In the aftermath, survivors and the families of those who are lost are left further crippled with medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and wondering how they can move on. However, an airplane does not just fall out of the sky. When an airplane accident occurs, it is because someone who the passengers of that plane put their lives into the hands of failed in their duty. The accident may be a result of pilot error, improper maintenance, machine error, manufacturer error, or ground control error, but all of these are the responsibility of the airline companies, airplane manufacturers, and airports. When they fail in these responsibility to their passengers, and people are hurt, they are the ones who should pay for the damage.

If you were involved in an aviation accident with a private plane, then the plane owner and pilot still have a duty to get you back onto the ground safely. If they invite you aboard, and you are harmed due to their negligence or carelessness while in the air, then they are just as responsible to pay for the harm caused to you as a major airline would be.

An airline company is not short on resources to fight back a lawsuit, however. Especially with the major airlines, the fight to recover damages for a victim of an aviation accident will not be an easy one. That is why you need such a skilled attorney, who will show the people who failed in their duties to take care of you or a loved one, that you are not to be pushed around. Call Atlanta-area attorney Andrew Lynch for a free consultation, and allow him to take the stress off of you, because after an aviation accident, you have had enough.