Bicycle Accident Lawyer Georgia

Bicycle accidents unfortunately happen to a number of individuals every year which is why seeking out a bicycle accident lawyer in Georgia is so crucial. Some accidents are due to the bicycle accident riders’ own fault, but many others are due to the negligence of other people. Bicycle riders may be putting themselves at risk when they decide to ride on busy roadways that don’t have a distinct bike lane. Some operators of motorized vehicles like cars or tractor trailers may disregard this bike lane as well even if it is in place leading to an injury to a bike rider. It is always best to use the most caution possible when riding your bicycle. If you have been in an accident due to somebody else’s negligence, then a lawyer from The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch can help you out with your case.

Statute of Limitations

Georgia has a set of guidelines in place for how long after your bicycle accident the case can be filed. These statutes of limitations generally state that your case must be submitted no more than 2 years following the date of the incident. If your case is submitted after this time, then there is a good chance that it will be rejected. It is best to start your case as soon as possible following the accident. Contact a lawyer from The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch to learn more about the process of your case filing as well as the best strategy going forward.

Compensation for Bicycle Accident Injury

The compensation involved in these cases for damages will vary from case to case, but generally there are a few of the same damages that a person can claim in their case. These damages that a person typically can claim include:

  • Lost Wages – When a person is unable to work due to their injury, they can include these lost wages in their claim. 
  • Pain and Suffering – Pain and suffering for the injury can be added and will be a  certain financial amount depending on the case.
  • Medical Costs – The bills you have received from the hospital or doctor’s visits can be added to the claim. 
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life – This will vary depending on your case but could be a certain financial amount added to your case if you are found to have lost enjoyment in life.

Your bicycle accident lawyer in Georgia can fill you in even more on the different compensation packages and benefits that exist in these cases.

Legal Representatives Are Standing By

If you have been affected by the error in judgment of another person or the negligence of property owners for your accident, then contact a Georgia bicycle accident lawyer today. Compensation as well as damages could be available to you for your case. The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch have years of experience in dealing with injury cases that have seen our firm help a number of individuals get the compensation that they deserve. We believe that we are the right lawyers for your case and are ready to fight tirelessly for you. Contact us today for a consultation.