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You don’t have to tell a big rig accident lawyer in Decatur, GA from the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch that head injuries can be serious. Our law firm has been handling personal injury lawsuits for years, and understand how devastating head injuries can be. In some cases, they can even cost you your life. When you have been the victim of a truck accident and come away with a brain injury, at first, there may be no telling how serious your injury is.

A big rig accident lawyer in Decatur, Georgia has seen it too many times: a person thinks they are lucky to walk away with minor bruising or cuts when in reality they have suffered from a brain injury that does not show symptoms right away. This is one of the most dangerous injuries you can get because it is silent and deadly.

While a traffic accident of any kind can mean that you have serious injuries, a truck accident will likely leave you more damaged and in more severe pain. Many people who suffer from brain injuries after a truck accident may not even realize they have been injured. And even more people may not realize they could be entitled to financial compensation from the offending truck driver with help from a Decatur truck wreck lawyer residents trust.

If you or someone you love was a victim in a truck accident, then it’s time to speak with a big rig accident lawyer in GA from the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch

What kind of head injuries can you get from a truck accident?

Clients have come to a GA big rig accident lawyer in Decatur with a range of head and brain injuries. Below, we list some of these injuries.

  • Closed Head Injury. This type of head injury is particularly hard to diagnose because on the outside, you may look fine. If you are driving in your car, a truck hits your car, and your head hits the steering wheel or the side window, it may show few signs of outward damage. However, your brain may have hit against the side of your skull and caused serious damage. This can come in the form of internal brain bleeds, brain swelling, and a concussion. Just because you do not remember hitting something during the accident does not mean you shouldn’t see a doctor.
  • Traumatic Brain Injury. A TBI is one of the more common brain injuries truck accident victims suffer from and can have severe and life-threatening repercussions. Similar to a closed head injury, you may not realize you have a TBI. The symptoms may not show up for several days and at that point, if you have not seen a doctor, the damage may be done. People who suffer from a TBI may show signs of vomiting, fatigue, slurred speech, headaches that get worse, and even numbness in their extremities.
  • Open Head Injury. This type of injury is precisely what it sounds like. When something pierces your head and exposes brain tissue, it is an open head injury. For example, if a truck hits your car and your car runs into a street pole that goes through the car and pierces your head, this is an open head injury. Not only can this cause severe brain damage, but it can put you at a greater risk for infection. 

For more information on how you can seek compensation after you have been in a truck accident that caused your brain injuries, please contact a Decatur, GA big rig accident lawyer from The Law Office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch now.