Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Atlanta, GA

An Atlanta, GA brain and spinal cord injury attorney can help you if you have been injured by the negligent behavior of someone else or the lack of care that a property owner showed leading you to an injury. Brain and spinal cord injuries can happen as the result of many different reasons, but when it occurred due to the poor decisions or negligent behavior of someone else, then your case may be eligible for hefty benefits and compensation. Nobody should have to go through this type of harmful injury, so when they do, the at-fault person or group should be held accountable for their actions, and the victim should be compensated. Contact an attorney from The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch today to get your case started. 

Common Reasons for Obtaining an Injury to Brain or Spinal Cord

There are a number of different scenarios that have happened to people that have left them with a brain or spinal cord injury, or even both sometimes. Some of the more common reasons that someone may get this injury stem from:

  • Car & Truck accidents.
  • Heavy contact sports like football or different types of fighting.
  • Pedestrian incident where a vehicle hits the pedestrian. 
  • Incident on the job or worksite: An example of this injury could be from an equipment failure or from a coworker not using equipment correctly or negligently that strikes a person causing them an injury. 

If you have been injured and are going through frequent nausea, loss of consciousness, seizures, loss of sensation in different parts of your body, then you may be dealing with an injury to the brain or spinal cord. Get checked out by a doctor first and if they diagnose you with this type of injury, and you believe the injury was the result of someone else’s negligence, contact an attorney from The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch to speak about a possible case and lawsuit.

Statutes of Limitations

Georgia has instituted a statute of limitations for personal injury cases. The time period allowed from the date of your injury to submission of a case is no more than 2 years. This is why it is important to start your case as soon as possible as it most likely will be invalid if you submit it afterwards. Your brain and spinal cord injury attorney in Atlanta, GA can fill you in on these details. 

Contact an Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch are proud to assist you with your case. With our years of experience, skills, and knowledge of the legal system surrounding these types of cases, we know that we are the right attorneys for you. Compensation and benefits may be available for your case depending upon the circumstances. Damages may cover lost wages, loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, doctors’ visits, hospital visits, therapy sessions, and more. Contact a brain and spinal cord injury attorney in Atlanta, GA from our firm today to get your case started and bring you the compensation that you deserve. Those who caused you this unfortunate injury should also be held accountable for their harmful behavior and actions. Consult with us today.