Decatur Truck Wreck Lawyer

Decatur Truck Wreck LawyerVehicle accidents have lead to more than three million injured people across the United States in 2017 according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Some accidents result in injuries that are more serious than others, but in many situations, victims might benefit from contacting a knowledgeable Decatur truck wreck lawyer. At The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch we have helped numerous clients receive compensation for their injuries, personal damages, and lost wages from those who caused their accidents. Call us to learn how we may be able to help you as well.

Severity of the Vehicle Accident
The severity of the vehicle accident can depend on several factors. In some situations, the injuries sustained by victims do not need serious medical treatment. In other scenarios, victims’ injuries may mean a lifetime of physical disabilities. In such cases, victims can greatly benefit from hiring an experienced Decatur truck wreck lawyer from our firm. Some of the factors that may affect the seriousness of an injury include:

  • Whether or not the victim was wearing a seat belt.
  • The position that the occupant was facing during the time of the accident. For example, was the occupant facing straight ahead or was their head or body turned in a specific direction? When a truck hits their car, the force often results in trauma to the head.
  • Where the car was hit – either in the front, back or side.
  • Whether the accident was a low-speed collision or a high-speed collision with a truck.
  • Whether or not there were airbags in the vehicle and if they deployed properly.

Two Categories of Injuries
A Decatur truck wreck lawyer from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch may suggest that there are two broad categories of injuries that occur when a car is hit by a truck. These are:

  1. Impact Injuries: When a part of the occupant’s body hits an interior part of the car. This could be your head hitting a window or the seat rest, or your knee hitting the dashboard.
  2. Penetrating Injuries: These are injuries that cause cuts or scrapes and can occur from glass being shattered or loose objects flying through the car.

Within these two broad categories many subcategories fall underneath and can result in common injuries.

Common Truck Vs. Car Injuries
Our lawyers have worked with clients who sustained a wide variety of serious injuries. Each Decatur truck wreck lawyer from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch has seen injuries that are common among truck crash victims. They include:

  • Head injuries: People may experience brain trauma when their head hits a hard surface of the car or if they sustain deep lacerations or internal bleeding. Brain injuries are often very serious and can lead to permanent brain damage. A Decatur truck wreck lawyer from our firm may be able to help the victim receive a settlement from the trucking company to pay for medical treatment.
  • Whiplash: this usually affects the neck, but can also describe an injury to the head or back.
  • Soft tissue injuries: muscles, ligaments, or tendons can be stretched or torn which often results in significant, lingering pain.
  • Broken bones: in some cases, broken bones may require surgery and take a long time to heal.

These common types of injuries can create chaos in a victim’s life as they try to juggle the financial costs, missing work, and getting healthy again. A Decatur truck wreck lawyer from The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch can handle the legal battle required for you to receive a compensation for your injuries.

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