Amazon truck injury lawyer Decatur, GA

So many people love the convenience of Amazon deliveries for gifts, groceries, and everything in between. Streets are filled with large blue delivery vans, but many people don’t realize these common vehicles can be very dangerous. Amazon delivery drivers are often on tight schedules and may not drive as safely as they should. When one of these trucks collides with your car or SUV, you’re often much worse off than the commercial driver.

After an accident with an Amazon truck, you have legal rights. Our Decatur, GA, Amazon truck injury lawyer from The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch can help you file a lawsuit for compensation against the at-fault driver, demanding full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Don’t Go Up Against Amazon Alone – Your Decatur Amazon Truck Injury Lawyer Is Your Advocate!

The idea of filing a lawsuit against one of the biggest companies in the world is daunting, we get it! After you’ve been hit by an Amazon driver, you have the right to file suit against them and their employer. However, most Amazon drivers don’t work directly for Amazon. Instead, they are independent contractors working for Amazon delivery partner services (DSPs). So, the question of who can be held liable can quickly get complex.

When someone is injured by an Amazon delivery truck, they usually cannot file a lawsuit directly against any division of Amazon. Instead, the driver and possibly the DSP they work with may both be liable parties. Still, filing a lawsuit against a powerful corporation can be complex. You need a Decatur Amazon truck injury lawyer who understands the right approach to these cases and has the resources to build a strong case against multiple powerful defendants.

What Does An Amazon Truck Accident Lawyer Do?

Your Decatur truck accident lawyer is your advocate against a Goliath of a company. They know that all Amazon delivery drivers must carry Amazon Flex full conversion insurance, with coverage of up to $1 million if the driver is involved in an on-the-job accident.

Your lawyer begins by gathering evidence proving that the driver is to blame for the crash. They can analyze the police report, subpoena the driver’s employment and driving record, interview witnesses, and examine any photos or video footage of the accident. They may also depose an expert witness to testify about the cause of the crash and the extent of your injuries.

Your lawyer also represents you in negotiations with the other party or parties. Many Amazon truck accidents are settled out of court, and your lawyer can speak on your behalf. If they cannot reach an agreeable settlement, your lawyer pursues your case at trial, demanding that you be fairly compensated for all your losses and injuries.

Do You Need A Lawyer After Being Struck By An Amazon Truck?

Professional delivery drivers are responsible for ensuring that they drive safely and don’t injure others. If you’ve been hurt in a collision with an Amazon delivery truck, we can help you recover top-dollar compensation. Contact The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch today for a free consultation with an experienced Decatur Amazon truck injury lawyer. 

Amazon trucks are a common sight in your neighborhood, bringing goods from around the world in a flash. But, poorly trained drivers and a strict delivery schedule create a perfect storm for a serious traffic collision. If you’ve been hit by an Amazon truck while driving, riding your bike, or walking, you probably suffered serious injury. You have legal recourse to demand compensation for your medical bills and other losses caused by the Amazon driver. In some cases, you may also be able to file suit against Amazon. Delivery truck collision lawsuits can be trickier than most, though. The experience of an Amazon truck injury lawyer Decatur, GA, can make the difference between a large settlement and walking away with nothing.

Help For Your Amazon Truck Injury Case Is Available

The moments after being hit by an Amazon delivery truck are painful and chaotic. Once your medical condition stabilizes, you can turn your attention to seeking justice and getting the money you need to pay for your medical care and cover lost wages from the time you missed at work.

Your lawyer investigates the circumstances that led to the wreck to determine the extent of liability on the driver’s part. They can also use finer points of the law and evidence to hold Amazon accountable for the driver’s negligence, too, naming the company as a defendant. Once insurance companies get involved, your attorney may serve as your representative in negotiations. This way, the insurance adjuster can’t twist your words into an admission of guilt and deny your claim.

Your Legal Options After Being Hit By A Commercial Delivery Truck

Filing a lawsuit against a delivery driver, whether they’re from Amazon or another company, is more difficult than filing a suit against a private driver. First, your lawyer must determine in what capacity the driver works for Amazon, such as a contract delivery driver, full-time employee, or Amazon Flex driver. The driver’s relationship with Amazon determines what kind of insurance coverage they have and whether Amazon can be liable.

Multiple factors determine whether Amazon can be held vicariously liable for the injuries one of its drivers causes. A lawyer evaluates the details of your case and values your claim to ensure your settlement covers your current needs and any future medical or rehabilitative care you need. They file your lawsuit and negotiate a settlement, if possible. An attorney can advise you whether an offer from the other party is a good one or whether it’s more advantageous to take your claim to trial. Your lawyer is your advocate, on your side throughout the claims process, with a vested interest in advancing your claim.

Do you need help filing a multi-defendant claim against the Amazon driver and the company itself? Have you already been offered a settlement but worry it’s not enough to cover your needs? We can help! Contact The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch today for a free consultation with a skilled Amazon truck injury lawyer.