Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer Decatur, GA

Car Accident Lawyer Decatur, GANo one should get behind the wheel of a vehicle drunk, but when they do and cause an accident, it helps to have a Decatur, GA drunk driving accident lawyer on your side. We understand the gravity of a drunk driver accident and how greatly those involved can suffer. The serious injuries and stress involved with being in an accident can be all too overwhelming to deal with on your own. At The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, we have represented many people just like you who were hurt because someone else chose to be reckless that day. The driver who hit you must have known to not drive a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, but they decided to anyway. You deserve compensation for the poor choices of another. If you have questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Criminal and Civil Liability

Accidents with a drunk driver are different compared to other auto accidents, in that they tend to entail a criminal aspect in addition to your civil case. DUI accidents frequently end with an arrest of the at-fault individual. The state prosecution may move forward with a criminal charge against the driver, which is separate from your civil case. When someone files a civil lawsuit against another, the intention is to seek compensation from the offender for how they caused victims to suffer, whether that be financially, physically, and mentally. As a Decatur drunk driving accident lawyer explains, in a civil lawsuit, there are many damages that may be awarded to you, including medical bills, loss of earnings, property damage, pain and suffering, and more. For more insight into filing a civil lawsuit, reach out to our team at your next convenience.

DUI Driver Pose Public Risk

Drunk drivers are more likely to speed, make unsafe lane changes, drive aggressively, run through stop lights or stop signs, and violate other rules of the road. Drunk drivers may struggle to see what is around them clearly and tend to have a delayed reaction time. These are all factors that put a serious risk to the public and those who may be in the drunk driver’s path. If you notice a driver that you think is intoxicated, call the police right away. If you can, remember the license plate number and a description of the driver and vehicle. But you must always put your safety first and do not risk an accident by trying to get the drunk driver off the road. If you have already been in a collision by an at-fault drunk driver, now is the time to get help from a Decatur drunk driving accident lawyer.

At The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, we are dedicated legal professionals who know how impactful our assistance can be in the aftermath of a personal injury accident. We hope that if you or a loved one is suffering due to a drunk driver, you call us as soon as possible. We are ready to take your call.