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What Can You Expect to See in a Rental Agreement?

If you are considering renting out a property, you may want to work with a property lawyer Decatur GA trusts to help you write your rental agreement. Depending on your circumstances, you may need a more detailed lease than what you can find online. You may want to discuss it with a Decatur property lawyer to decide what should be in your rental agreement.

Here’s a list of common things to include:

Names, addresses, and contact information of all parties. No matter how your lease shapes up, it should always have the names and addresses of the tenant(s) and yours as the landlord. You should also include at least one phone number where the parties can be reached.

Details of what’s being rented. Of course you’ll want to have the address of the property in the lease. Your property lawyer Decatur GA relies on may also advise you to include the condition of the property and anything else that comes with it such as furnishings and storage.

The length of the rental. Your property lawyer in Decatur GA may tell you that the most common length of a rental is one year. You can determine your own term if you’d like or even specify it as a month-to-month arrangement.

All about the rent payment. In addition to specifying how much the rent is each month, you should also include information to the tenant on how to pay it. Information such as where to mail the rent and what forms of payment you accept are standard additions. Your property lawyer Decatur GA residents trust may remind you to include information about late payments as well.

Deposit and additional fees. Your lease should include the deposit requirement, which is usually the first and last month’s rent. If you have a cleaning deposit or other fees, you’ll want to clearly detail those as well.

Utilities. You may overlook this part, but it’s important to include. Even if you aren’t providing any of the utilities, you should put them in the lease and specify that the tenant is responsible for them. You’ll also want to specify any landscaping rules you may have in terms of cutting the grass and shoveling the snow.

Condition of the property. It’s a good idea to detail the condition of the property in the lease. Your property lawyer Decatur GA offers may suggest you include an itemized list of every room in your home and specify the condition of the walls, doors, windows, and floors in that list. You and the tenant should sign this paper stating you agree on the condition of the property.

Behavior limits. You, as the landlord, have a right to restrict loud noise, number of occupants, use of the party, pets, and even smoking on your property. You may want to prohibit the use of waterbeds or candles, for example. You can include anything you want as long as it’s not discriminatory or breaks your state’s laws.

These are just some of the common things included in a lease when you are renting a property. You may want to call a property lawyer Decatur GA residents rely on to help you draft your lease and make sure you are protected by calling The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch at 404-373-7735 today.