Personal Injury Attorney

When someone is put in a dangerous or harmful situation on the property of another individual, this person may be able to seek a premise liability claim against the property owner or caretaker. Owners of public property have a responsibility to ensure safety and protection on their property, as often as possible. Because of this, while someone is there, if they are not protected and safe, the property owner is responsible for that negligence.

Public property may be a school, grocery store, federal bank, and in some cases, while it is not public property, even a home. The injuries that can be sustained range from minor to severe. There have been instances of a slip in fall in the can goods aisle of a grocery store, to even being shot by another customer at a local gas station. This is why it is important to contact a skilled personal injury attorney in the event that you or someone you know has suffered an injury or any sort of harm on the premise of another person.

There are some factors that will determine whether or not you would have a premise liability case. These factors include:

  •   The person being pursued must, in fact, manage or own the property of which the injury occurred.
  •   There was a lack of care on the owner’s part that makes the property unsafe.
  •   The person pursuing a lawsuit was actually injured.
  •   Based on the negligence of the owner of said property, someone was harmed.

If these few factors can be proven in your case, you or the harmed party can seek damages for their injuries. These properties typically have insurance, and the payout will come from their insurance policies. When you speak with a skilled attorney, they will be able to take all the details of your case, gather witnesses, and possible footage such as videos or photographs, and use this information to negotiate on your behalf. In the event, the property owner or insurance company refuses to accept liability, with the right attorney you can take your case to a courtroom and possibly be paid more than what was discussed with the other party prior to.

These cases are not typically hard to prove, but what you receive in damages can depend heavily on your legal team. If you or someone you know wishes to pursue a premise liability claim, speak with a skilled personal injury attorney Dekalb County, GA offers before it is too late.

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