Personal Injury Attorney in Dekalb County, GA

The topic of “duty of care” comes to be a concern in personal injury lawsuit cases. When the duty of care is abandoned, along with the presence of negligence, you are most likely to have a decent personal injury case on your hands. Every person has a duty to uphold as citizens, and when that duty is breached there are repercussions.

The most common breach of duty of care occurs in motor vehicle accidents. If someone fails to stop at a stop sign and happens to strike a vehicle coming from the opposite direction because of this, they failed to honor their duty of care. The right thing that should’ve been done is the person at the stop sign should have, of course, stopped. This would allow for oncoming traffic to pass safely and then them to pass safely following the rules of the road. It is so common that these breaches occur that state laws require drivers to obtain motor vehicle insurance. This is so once a breach occurs the parties involved in the accident are protected. These insurance policies cover property damage and sometimes somehow the bodily injury caused by the accident.

You are given a larger duty of care when you hold the lives of more than yourself in your hands. Bus drivers, airplane pilots, train drivers, doctors, or even lawyers, hold a high duty of care because their negligence can affect the lives of several people, not just themselves.

When the duty of care is abandoned this causes several entities to be sued by the injured parties.

Duty of care applies to not only individuals but also businesses. Business owners owe it to their visitors to have a safe space that is kept up to date with safety regulations at all times. If an individual goes to the grocery store and upon entering the establishment, they trip over a raised panel in the floor right by the threshold, that business has failed them and can be held responsible for any injuries and damages.

There are several ways an individual, entity, or business can breach their duty of care. And unfortunately, it happens far too often. If you or a loved one has sustained injuries or damages due to the negligence of someone else it is best to speak with a personal injury attorney in Dekalb County, GA that can thoroughly explain your rights and what options may be available to you and your family going forward.

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