Burn Injuries can cause life threatening complications

Burn Injury Lawyer Decatur, GABurns are very serious injuries. In addition to causing serious and prolonged pain, severe burns forever rob victims of their skin. With serious enough burns, this puts the victim at risk for infections, dehydration and other potentially life-threatening complications.

Burns also leave permanent scars, which can be unsightly or limit your movement, and may require multiple surgeries to address. Serious burns are catastrophic and create complex personal injury cases.

Our Burn injury lawyer in Decatur, GA at The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch can help you file a burn injury lawsuit against a responsible party. You can possibly recover compensation for some of your medical expenses and lost wages.

Causes of Burn Injuries

There are hundreds of ways that you can get burned at the hand of someone else and have the ability to hold them legally responsible. This includes too hot foods at restaurants, apartment buildings with inadequate fire protection, home builders that skip safety steps when building and wiring your home for electricity, fireworks displays, and chemical burns in workplaces.

Depending on the specific nature of the accident, the severity of your injuries will vary. In general, the longer you are exposed to a heat source or the larger the fire or explosion, the more significant and severe your injuries will be. Child abuse is another cause of burn injuries. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, most child abuse burn victims are under the age of two.

The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch advises that it is important to note, you do not need to have significant, life-altering injuries to hold someone else responsible for hurting you. There is no reason that you should feel that getting burned is a natural incident to occur.

By taking legal action against the person or entity responsible for your burns, you can potentially protect other people from suffering a similar fate by making them aware of the possibility of injury and forcing the other party to make changes to its operations.

Determining Responsibility

It can be unclear who is responsible for a burn injury. For instance, if your own personal actions have some effect on what happened, the other party may not be fully at fault.

Conversely, more than one party could be partly responsible for what happened to cause your burn. Discussing the specifics of your case with a burn injury lawyer in Decatur, GA and collecting relevant police and fire department reports can help to figure out who is responsible. This can make a difference with regards to who to hold accountable for your burn injuries.

Long Term Effects

A burn injury can cause long term effects that can negatively affect your life, such as:

  •     Financial burden
  •     Scarring
  •     Disfigurement
  •     Loss of home
  •     Loss of employment
  •     Pain and suffering
  •     Premature death

 This list features just some of the long-term effects of a burn injury; however, a burn is a deeply personal injury that impacts people in different ways. You may experience other long-term effects that have severe or minor consequences on your way of living and the overall quality of your life. 

Get Legal Help

No matter how your burn injury affects you over the long term, you can choose to try to recover compensation related to your burn injury either alone or with the help of a Decatur Georgia burn injury lawyer.

If you have a serious burn injury, you need a serious injury lawyer. The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch will take the time to carefully examine the details of your case, uncover the truth, and ensure that you are justly compensated for your losses.