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Common Causes of Burn InjuriesThousands of people are hospitalized every year because of burn injuries. Severe burns are extremely painful and can cause permanent disfigurement. They can occur in many different places, including work, home, and a car. If you recently suffered a burn injury, you may have lifelong physical and emotional scars and you deserve justice for that. A catastrophic personal injury attorney from the law office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch  may help you bring a lawsuit against the negligent person or party.

Here are some of the most common causes of burn injuries:

Workplace Accidents

While most people don’t expect to suffer harm when they go to work, it can sometimes happen. For example, electrocutions can occur in places like factories and construction sites. When workers are exposed to electrical currents, they can suffer severe burns on their skin. The electrical current can also reach the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, increasing the risk of death.

Defective Products

Defective products have also been known for causing burns. Some of the most common products that have resulted in burns include space heaters, grills, and griddles. They may have faulty wiring or another defective component. The manufacturer of these defective products may be held liable for not making them safe enough.

Car Accidents

Burns are one of the injuries that can result from car accidents. If a careless driver causes a crash, fires can start from gasoline or fluids.

Radiation Burns

Radiation is a common method used to treat cancer and may be used with other treatments. However, if it is not administered properly, it can cause burns on a patient’s body. For example, if a doctor gives a patient very high doses of radiation therapy every day, that person can suffer burns.

Excessive Sun Exposure

Many people have experienced sunburns if they have been out in the sun too long. If they are mild sunburns, they typically go away within a few days and are nothing to worry about. However, excessive sun exposure can lead to third-degree burns, which can be extremely painful and can lead to serious complications, like shock, infection, and fluid loss.

Spilled Hot Liquids

If coffee or another boiling hot liquid is spilled onto someone’s skin, it can lead to scalding burns. If this happens at a place of business, the business owners can be held legally responsible. For example, if a restaurant employee accidentally spills coffee on a customer and that customer suffers a burn, the restaurant may get sued.

Hiring a Decatur GA Catastrophic Personal Injury Attorney

If you suffered a burn because of someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. Your next step is to schedule a consultation with an experienced burn accident attorney as soon as possible. He or she can assess your case for free and help you file a claim in a timely manner. A catastrophic personal injury attorney Decatur GA clients recommend may help you gather the evidence you need to prove your case and help identify the appropriate witnesses.

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