Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Decatur, GA

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Decatur, GABikers and motorcycle riders who have crashed and sustained injuries can benefit from speaking with an experienced Decatur, GA motorcycle accident lawyer at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch about their circumstances. Due to the complexities of the legal system and the biases that many motorcycle accident victims encounter when pursuing rightful compensation, it can be very helpful to have a knowledgeable professional advocating aggressively on behalf of a victim’s rights.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Decatur, GA

When motorcycles crash, it is rare that a single, instantly observable factor is the sole causation of any accident in question. This is one of the many reasons why, if you’ve recently been injured in a motorcycle accident, you should strongly consider scheduling a risk-free consultation with a reputable Decatur motorcycle accident lawyer.

Even if you strongly suspect that your conduct either caused or contributed to the cause of your crash, you won’t be able to confirm or dismiss that suspicion until a professional has thoroughly investigated your circumstances. Don’t rely on the conclusion of a crash report alone. The biases that bikers and motorcycle riders often face can skew an officer’s interpretation of what happened in the moments leading up to a collision.

Seeking Personalized Guidance

Once we examine the circumstances of your crash, we’ll be able to determine causation and fault. Even if you were partially to blame for what happened, you’ll remain entitled to hold other responsible parties liable as long as your share of the fault doesn’t exceed 49 percent.

A person, company, or other entity is generally considered to be totally or partially liable for a crash victim’s injuries if three legal standards can be proven sufficiently. First, it must be proven that the responsible party – named as a defendant in the victim’s lawsuit – owed that victim a legal duty of care.

Second, it must be proven that the defendant failed to honor that duty of care. This failure is demonstrated by proof that the defendant acted negligently, recklessly, or in intentionally dangerous ways.

Third, it must be proven that the victim’s injuries were directly caused by the defendant’s actions or inactions. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to prove that you were faultless in order to receive rightful compensation. You only need to prove that you were less than 50 percent to blame. Once we evaluate your case, we’ll give you a personalized, objective assessment of the relative strength or weakness of your legal situation.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have recently been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to considerable compensation. At The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch, we understand how to overcome the biases that often plague the judicial system and the insurance industry to get injured bikers and motorcycle accident riders the compensation they deserve. Although no ethical Decatur motorcycle accident lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a case, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands if you choose to entrust your situation to us. We look forward to speaking with you.