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Brain injuries can be either traumatic or nontraumatic, and the attorneys from our Traumatic Brain Injury law firm in Georgia at the law office of Andrew R. Lync, P.C. have represented such cases. Nontraumatic brain injuries are also called acquired injuries and arise from diseases or medical conditions that restrict oxygen and/or blood flow to the brain. Traumatic brain injuries arise from the application of a strong or violent force. Sometimes this occurs accidentally. At other times, a person may inflict such force on someone else with an intentional wish to cause harm. In either case, a traumatic brain injury can result in damage that is sometimes permanent.

If you or someone you love was recently a victim in a brain injury-related incident, then you must contact our Traumatic Brain Injury law firm in GA immediately.

Abusive Head Trauma

Abusive head trauma occurs when one person physically shakes another one violently back and forth, causing trauma to the head and neck. It is also called shaken baby syndrome because most of the victims are infants or toddlers. Young children are more vulnerable to injury from being shaken because the weakness of their neck muscles prevents them from adequately supporting their heads. This means that their brains, which are already softer and more vulnerable than those of adults, are subjected to even more force. Abusive head trauma can result in brain swelling or bleeding.

If you were a victim in an abusive situation, you can depend on the attorneys from our Georgia Traumatic Brain Injury law firm to fight aggressively in your case, so you can receive monetary compensation for all you have endured at the hands of another.

Closed Head Trauma

A closed head injury occurs when there is a blow to the head from an object that does not penetrate into the skull. Sometimes the signs of a closed head trauma are subtle and difficult to spot. Nevertheless, it can result in serious injuries such as bleeding in the brain that typically requires surgery to resolve. If you endured closed head trauma or other type of brain injury, then contact a Georgia Brain Injury Attorney today for legal counsel.

Accidental causes of closed head trauma include motor vehicle collisions, falls, and sports injuries. Closed head trauma can also result from a blast injury due to an explosion or from a blow to the head during a fistfight or altercation. If you or someone you care about was the victim in an accident, then you must notify a member of our GA Traumatic Brain Injury law firm team right away.

Penetrating Head Trauma

Also called open head trauma, this occurs when a foreign object impacts the brain by penetrating through the skull. Carelessness with sharp objects may result in a penetrating head trauma. Open head injuries may occur on a construction site if managers and workers do not set and follow proper safety procedures. However, an open head trauma can also result from a deliberate attack on another person with a weapon, such as a knife or a gun, with the ability to penetrate the skull and cause injury to the brain.

Regardless of whether the traumatic brain injury happened as the result of an accident or an intentional act of violence, it may be possible to hold the person who caused it responsible and seek damages through a personal injury lawsuit. You can arrange to speak with one of our attorneys by calling The Law Office of The Law Offices Of Andrew Lynch, a Georgia Traumatic Brain Injury law firm you can depend on.